King Berry by Flow Kana

King Berry is an indica-leaning strain grown by Earthworks Farm in Mendocino. This skunky sweet flower is a cross of King (Ogre Kush and Royal Kush) and Ogre Berry (Ogre Kush and Strawberry Afghani). King Berry is hard hitting, creating a highly medicinal flower full of strong cannabinoids.

Black Rose

Emerald Spirit Botanicals' mission is to support the healing of people and the earth. This woman-owned farm breeds and cultivates cannabis alongside their certified organic farm, producing one-of-a-kind flowers like this sublimely sweet, floral Black Rose.

Ogre Berry by Flow Kana

This Ogre Kush and Strawberry Kush cross is a hard-hitting indica. One of Nomad's Landing's flagship strains, it features ultra-chunky and dense flowers laden with frosty trichomes.Ogre berry delivers a strong meditative effect that hits like thunder in a storm, powerful yet peaceful.

True Doc OG by Flow Kana

True Doc OG, grown by Earthworks Farm in Mendocino, is an indica dominant cross of True OG and Doc’s OG. Known for it’s powerful skunky and fuel aromas, this indica is wonderful at relaxing the body and mind, while helping combat nausea and chronic pain. Be sure to have a bag of chips nearby, as this indica is known to cause a case of the munchies!

Black Domina

Black Domina is a blend of the world's finest indica genetics producing this rapid-flowering, crystal-coated hybrid created from the Northern Lights, Ortega, Hash Plant, and Afghani SA. Black Domina delivers a spicy pepper aroma alongside overwhelming relaxation and sleepiness, making this strain ideal for late night use.