Blackberry Spacewreck

The plants in Reverend Mother Gardens thrive on organic compost produced by the farm's free-range goats, resulting in flavor-packed flowers sparkling with resin. This Blackberry Spacewreck offers a velvety smoke and clean, comforting, cozy effects.

Hindu Skunk Kush by Flow Kana

Embrace the sweet earthy tones and strong mellow high in this cross of two historic cannabis strains, Hindu Kush and Skunk. This sativa hybrid, grown by Elemental Botanicals in Mendocino County, is quite potent… perfect for complete relaxation and bliss.

Dos Rios Headband by Flow Kana

Dos Rios Headband is a sativa hybrid from Emerald Spirit Botanical in Mendocino. This flower is a cross of Reserva Privadad Headband and The One. With aromas of mint, guava, and turpentine, this flower is known for it’s cloudy thick smoke. With visually expansive and meditative effects, this highly potent strain is perfect for deep healing journeys.